On the final day at Node Summit 2016, QualityWorks’ CEO Stacy Kirk, shared how we combine automation best practices with some of the best Node.js test tools and frameworks to create a full stack testing solution. The Summit, which started on July 26th, focuses exclusively on Node.js, one of tools that QualityWorks specializes in. The two-day conference, “will bring together technology and business leaders and technology experts to discuss Node.js’ transformative role in the future of computing”.

Kirk’s presentation focused on test automation, continuous integration, performance test, the importance of readable test reports, leveraging various tools to create a maintainable framework for adding unit, API and frontend tests to an application. She showed how the team at QualityWorks has utilized this knowledge to improve software quality at numerous companies.

Slides include:

  • Understand the Test Pyramid
  • Common challenges with test automation
  • How to structure Node.js project for full stack tests
  • Automated test case examples for API, web, mobile, and performance

Link to test code: https://github.com/QualityWorksCG/qualityworks-full-stack-testing.git